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Understanding When You Will Need A Breast Lift & Not Just A Breast Augmentation

Gravity affects us all

Gravity affects us all – causing parts of our body to sag over the years. Breasts, sitting up perkily as they do in our earlier years, are no exception and are subject to the same downward forces. And like other body parts,  breast sag cannot be remedied through muscle strengthening and toning. And the heavier the breasts are, the more they will sag over the years.

A Common Breast Augmentation Surgery Mistake

One of the common mistakes that we’ve seen when it comes to Breast Surgery is patients trying with implants alone to lift and revive breasts that already suffer from too much sag. While this can work quite well for very mild degrees of sagging, it could simply make the issue much, much worse in others by causing more sagging. When breast sag is already pronounced, adding extra weight to the breasts by way of implants simply puts more strain on the already-weakened supporting ligaments and in a very short time, contributes to even more sag rather than less.
Unfortunately, some clinics don’t explain this issue fully to their patients, resulting in people who are even unhappier with their breasts after surgery than before.
Admittedly, a Breast Lift with Implants (known as an ‘Augmentation Mastopexy’) takes much longer to do than a straightforward Breast Augmentation and therefore is more expensive. This means that people struggling to afford the greater cost of a Breast Lift can be vulnerable to being talked into a Breast Augmentation when it’s not the appropriate and best procedure to do. There is a greater risk of this happening if the clinic doesn’t do Breast Lifts or if the clinic heavily discounts and rather than lose the patient by referring them elsewhere for a Breast Lift, they recommend implants only – and usually overly large, fake looking implants in a futile attempt to try and correct the sag.

How to determine if you need a Breast Lift as well as Implants

To determine whether a an Augmentation Mastopexy is required, we look at the current ‘sit’ of the breast in relation to the ‘breast crease’. The ‘breast crease’ is the line under your breast where the breast tissue meets the chest wall and where the wire would run in a typical underwire bra. If the lowest point of your breast mound is still above the breast crease, you are suitable candidate for implants alone. If under, it depends on how much under the breast crease it sits: if just a little, the correct size and shape of implants will lift the breast back up. If more than ‘just a little’, you are probably looking at needing a Breast Lift.

The Home ‘Pencil Test’

You can do the simple ‘Pencil Test’ at home by trying to hold a pencil HORIZONTALLY in the fold under your breast. If the pencil keeps falling away, you don’t need a Breast Lift. If the pencil stays in place then it’s an indication that you may need a Breast Lift. 

The Difference between a Breast Lift and a Breast Lift with Implants

A Breast Lift is called a ‘Mastopexy’. It involves tightening the skin of the breast that has, over time, lost elasticity. A Mastopexy lifts the entire breast but does not make it bigger. Mastopexy procedures can take 3-4 hours to do. If you’re happy with your breast size and just want to correct the sagging, all you need is a Mastopexy.
If, however, you ALSO want to increase the size of your breasts at the same time, then you will need a Breast Lift PLUS Implants. This combined procedure is called an ‘Augmentation Mastopexy’. It is a more involved and longer procedure than a simple Mastopexy.

Am I covered by Medicare/Private Health Insurance?

With a Breast Lift, you could be eligible for a Medicare Rebate if you meet Medicare’s strict criteria of eligibility.
While any Medicare Rebate would cover only a fraction of the total cost, if you also have Private Hospital Insurance you may also be able to claim a variable portion of your Hospital Fees depending on your Fund and your Level of Cover.

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