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Inverted Nipple Surgery 

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A well-developed and normal-sized nipple not only adds sensuality to a breast, but it is also an essential functional requirement for any future breastfeeding.

As a result of the relaxation of social norms and the increasing uncovering of the breast in magazines, fashion, photographic shoots and social media, there has been an increasing trend worldwide for Corrective Nipple Surgery.

Fortunately, most forms of Corrective Nipple Surgery can be performed in the privacy of our Clinic’s Operating Theatre under Local Anaesthesia only with virtually no downtime and a speedy return to work and normal activities.

Inverted Nipple Surgery

Of all the nipple deformities presenting for correction, the commonest by far is Inverted Nipples.

Typical Inverted Nipple Appearance

Although Inverted Nipples can occur in both men and women, most patients presenting for correction are women simply because an inverted nipple can affect the overall look of the breast as well as cause embarrassment or self-consciousness in intimate situations.

Surgical correction will allow the nipples to project outwards and complement the overall appearance of the breast.

The condition can affect one or both breasts and it can also vary in degree. In its most severe form, an Inverted Nipple is permanently sunken beneath the level of the surrounding skin and cannot be manipulated out with the fingers. In contrast, a milder form is the ‘Retractile Nipple’ where the nipple is sunken beneath the level of the surrounding skin but can be manipulated out with the fingers.

An inverted nipple can make future breastfeeding more difficult, and in its most severe form, even impossible.

How Is Inverted Nipple Surgery Done?

Surgical correction of an inverted nipple can be performed in the privacy of our Clinic’s Operating Theatre under Local Anaesthesia only. Correction of one nipple takes around 30 minutes to complete whereas both nipples take around 60 minutes.

Over the years, variations on the basic surgical technique have been described but whichever technique is used, we ALWAYS support the nipple in its new elevated position with a small supporting frame for two weeks after surgery to reduce the chances of recurrence.

Potential Risks & Complications of Inverted Nipple Surgery

  • Post-operative bleeding.
  • Infection requiring topical wound care and antibiotics.
  • Allergic reaction to medications, sutures, dressings, or antiseptic solutions.
  • Adverse reaction to the local anaesthetic injection used.
  • Delayed or poor healing, usually with smokers and diabetics.
  • Reduced or altered nipple sensation.
  • Numbness of the nipple, usually temporary, rarely permanent.
  • Raised or thickened surgical scars.
  • Difficulty with future breastfeeding in terms of reduced milk supply as a result of division of some of the milk ducts or reduced nipple sensation.
  • Asymmetry between the two nipples.
  • Recurrence of the inversion deformity.

The Cost of Inverted Nipple Surgery

  • Inverted Nipple Surgery
  • Surgical Fee:


  • One Nipple $2,200
  • Both Nipples $4,000
  • Theatre Fee $900
  • Follow-up appointments for up to 6 months are included.

Can I Claim a Medicare or Private Health Insurance Rebate?

Surgical procedures for cosmetic reasons are not eligible for a Medicare Rebate.

Accordingly, all forms of Corrective Nipple & Areolar Surgery do not qualify for a Medicare Rebate, nor can you claim any Theatre or Hospital Fees from your Private Health Insurance.

Terms & Conditions

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    • If a patient arrives without a referral, the Regulations recommend that the doctor should refrain from seeing the patient – in which event, any pre-paid consultation fee would be lost.

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