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What Price Should I Be Paying for a Breast Augmentation?

So, you’re interested in a Breast Augmentation. You’ve come to this point and you soon realise there’s an array of competition out there vying for your attention and hard-earned dollars and you wonder…. How much SHOULD I be paying for a Breast Augmentation?

What’s the difference between them all?

Why is there such a disparity between prices?

Does the price tag actually reflect the quality of the Breast Augmentation Surgery?

In a word, YES, it can!

Just like you wouldn’t expect to walk into a Chanel store and buy a high-end, beautiful, quality bag for $100, so too, you can’t expect a high-quality Breast Augmentation if you’re paying only $5,000.

Don’t ever be fooled into thinking that only the price of Breast Augmentation in Australia has dramatically dropped –  low prices can also reflect low quality!

When it comes to your body, you should NEVER base a decision like this purely on price. It’s really not about shopping around to get the ‘best price’ for a Breast Augmentation. It should be about whether you can afford, or can arrange to finance, a high-quality Breast Augmentation that will give you the best result for your body.

The ‘lowest price’ on offer really needs to be questioned because, logically something is probably being left out in order to be able to offer you the surgery at such a low cost. Low-cost Breast Augmentations cannot be compared to high-quality counterparts. Again, it’s like comparing a handbag from a discount store to a handbag from Chanel. They’re not comparable AT ALL! They’re on two completely different levels and one of them will probably serve you better and longer, as well as look better, for years and years to come…

So what’s the difference between them all, you may ask?

Ultra-Cheap: $6,000 – $7,000

This could reflect any one or more of the following:

  • Sometimes, trainee Surgeons with limited experience in Breast Augmentation are contracted to perform the surgery.
  • No choices in terms of implant brand, style or shape. Cheaper brands of Round implants, and certainly not the more expensive ‘Teardrop’ shapes.
  • No choice of incision location, usually under the breast only. Trans-axillary (Armpit) approach not offered.
  • Implant position: more often than not, only ‘in front of the muscle’ position is offered because it is quicker and less time means lower theatre costs – even though you may have looked better with implants ‘under the muscle’.
  • No lengthy Initial Consultation to give you ALL the background information you need to make the right choices and try on different implants.
  • Some clinics promote that the surgery is done overseas in which case you have no choice of surgeon nor any access to the surgeon after you return.

Mid-Range: $7,000 – $10,000

A better standard than the ultra-cheap category but again there could be any of the following compromises:

  • A doctor with less experience in Breast Augmentation trying to gain a market share with lower prices.
  • Quicker surgery to save on Theatre Fees, usually achieved by placing implants ‘in front of the muscle’ – even though a more attractive result may have been achieved with ‘under the muscle’.
  • No lengthy Initial Consultation to give you ALL the background information you need to make the right choices and try on different implants.
  • No offer of the more expensive ‘Teardrop’ Shape Implants that deliver beautiful, natural-looking results by avoiding the ‘stuck-on look sometimes seen with Round Implants.

Quality: From $10,000

In contrast, Breast Excellence prides itself on delivering high-quality breast augmentations under the highest of professional standards with such features as:

  • A unique 2-hour Initial Consultation with the 1st hour devoted entirely to providing you with all the information you’ll require to make informed choices about your implants and surgery, and the 2nd hour devoted to taking detailed measurements and selecting the implants that will give you the ‘look’ you’re after! This consultation is entirely with your Doctor, not a Nurse or Sales Consultant.
  • You have a choice of implants in terms of brand, shape, style and size. Our doctor will assist but will always leave the final choice up to you.
  • We offer patients the choice of ‘Teardrop’ Shaped Implants that, although more expensive than Round Implants, deliver beautiful, natural-looking results without a ‘stuck-on’ look sometimes seen with Round Implants.
  • We offer a choice of incision locations including the Trans-Axillary Technique (the ‘Armpit’ Approach) not commonly performed in Australia.
  • We offer a choice of four implant positions: ‘Under the muscle’, ‘In front of the muscle’, Sub-Fascial and Dual Plane.
  • We always perform a very thorough Pre-Operative Assessment including Pathology Tests to ensure you are fit and healthy for anaesthesia and surgery.
  • Your Doctor is available 24/7 after surgery and all follow-up appointments during the first 6 months are included.

To book your quality consultation, contact Breast Excellence today on 1300 73 63 53.




We’re no newcomers to Breast Augmentation. At Breast Excellence, we’ve dedicated the last 20 years to creating not just bigger breasts but BEAUTIFUL breasts! New patients often tell us that our website features one of the best portfolios of before/after photos they’ve ever seen!

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